Tuesday, June 6, 2017


“Decarboxylation” is a long word for a simple process. To decarboxylate your herb, you just need to heat it. Drug Enforcement Administration acting-Chief Chuck Rosenberg on Thursday said that “marijuana is not medicine.” To smoke a joint is to receive into your blood stream THC. In the Patent that Health and Human Services gave themselves they label THC as a Cannabinoid. CBD is also a Cannabinoid and is mentioned 46 times in the Patent. To smoke a joint is to decarboxylate. To smoke a joint is to get thc into one's blood stream. The study of THC and isolation of THC dates back to 1964... ground zero is Israel. The research conducted by Raphael Mechoulam, Ph.D and funded by the United States Government moved the USA into securing the patent. HMMMM... Maybe Mr. Rosenberg should read the patent. A website from Israel http://www.tikun-olam.info/Oil-CBD

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